Has Eraser development & support mostly stopped?


I haven't seen any activity on nightly versions since 0ct. 2012 & no posts on beta forum for months. Also posts in this forum often get no replies from devs / mods for days or weeks.

If it's no longer under development, or "on vacation," please let us know. :)

Currently Joel is busy in college and I'm working on other things. Eraser has not been forgotten.

At the moment we have a plan to update the website to use WordPress so we can create articles etc on the various repeat questions we get here which sucks up time etc.

Development has stopped for a while as we review and agree the next road map, we will be restarting this in the coming weeks once some background tasks get sorted. e.g upgrades to VS2012 from VS2010 and other infrastructure changes.

Eraser is supported on a volunteer basis and as such gets varying degrees of support.
I'm back from my 9 month long unpaid leave from Eraser development.

Hur hur. Let's get some things moving, shall we?