Has eraser really erased all these files.


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I just right clicked on a couple of zip files on my hard drive, and asked eraser to erase them.

These two zip files had loads of folders within folders within folders. More like great-gradparent files rather than parent files.

This is because I moved these files a few times from one computer to the other.

Will eraser have erased all of these files for me?
How can I know for sure?

my eraser's settings are the original setttings, I have not changed the settings since downloading the program.

help would be appreciated please?

If you can't find the two zip files I presume they have been erased.

You may also try Recuva to see if you can retrieve and use the contents.

I tried the recuva thing and it fully recovered two zip files. It said excellent.
Both of these zip files have lots of subfolders.
I cannot take the subfolders out because with them being a zip file, I would have to take a copy of it.

When I tried to click on the .zip files I got a message saying "please insert the last disk of the multi volume set and click ok to continue"

I don't have the foggiest clue what this message means.

please could you help.