Having Difficulty wiping a drive


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Hi folks i am currently trying to wipe a laptop computer that does not have a floppy drive on it. i created a boot CD with Dban 1.0.6_1. It looks like all the files burned correctly on to the cd. I changed the boot process to start from the CD Rom. When the boot up starts, it starts the cd up but then states "boot fail." What am I doing wrong? Could someone please help. Using disk drives are so much easier.
maybe your CD is corrupt

Not sure what's happening there... but, before spending any time trying to understand why it crashed, I would try booting another PC with the same CD - make sure something is not corrupt (of course, be very careful not to actually wipe any of the data on this other machine - if you can find another PC you don't care about, even better). [I have assumed that you can't even get to the DBAN interactive app - it fails while loading the OS]

See if DBAN runs on this other PC, if not, try burning another CD. If it still fails on numerous PC's, try downloading the ISO image file again from DBAN's website.