Having trouble erasing extremely small files.



I couldn't seem to erase really small files I created with Notepad (windows xp sp2 home edition). For example, I created some new small files with like the following text in it:


bank (user=blahblah pass=19329393)
hotmail (user=qwerty pass=2983499334)
myYahooAccount (user=asdfg pass=3984939393)"

I then used Eraser on the files, ran the program Disk Investigator and searched for strings on the hard drive that were in each file like "myYahooAccount", and was able to view the whole contents of each erased file. I did this about 10 times or so with new files and every time was able to view the contents after I erased them.

Afterwards, I tried making the files bigger. I created new files with some random lines on the top and then pasted a little over 4k text after the lines. I erased those files, searched for a string in one of the random lines I wrote, and couldn't find the string with Disk Investigator.

I'm curious if anyone else has this problem or if I'm doing something wrong. This is also happening to me with another program I just downloaded called Axcrypt. After an encrypted copy of a file is created, Axcrypt shreds the original file. If the shredded file is really small I can find its text through Disk Investigator, but can't with a larger file.