Help, after using eraser my drive became full


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I downloaded and installed Eraser on my PC and set it up to erase the unused disc space on my C Drive. I selected the 1 pass Pseudorandom Data method. My C drive is a 1 TB (931gb) drive and it had a little over 570gb plus used. I started eraser at 8 p.m. (US-EST) on 1/4/12. It ran all night and all the next day and I went back to check on it at 2:00 a.m. on 1/6/12 and it had stopped working ( froze or crashed sometime earlier) I checked my C drive and it shows the drive is full except for 5.11 mb! I checked the log file and it shows a lot of messages about locations on my C drive where Cluster tips where not erased because I lacked administrator rights. I did check the status several times during the day and i know it completed the cluster tips pass, the deleting unused space pass and was in the next stage which I cant remember the name of. When I tried to run eraser it locks up and I can't figure out what is occuping the rest of the drive. Using windows explorer I found a new Folder that starts with "~" that is loaded with 353gb of unknown data the folder is named ~Rha6348kJdR50dcjY and the folder contains 1702 files all 221184kb (216mb) in size with titles of random alphanumeric characters and signs. The dates on the files do fall into the same time frame that Eraser was running. I don't know if what will happen if I delete this file and I am afraid to shut my computer down for fear it would not reboot with such little drive space left.
Any assistance on what I should try would be greatly appreciated.
You should let Eraser finish the unused space erase. The last bit of it wipes the MFT, which on a well-used computer, can take a very long time. If you do not want to wait, cancelling Eraser should delete those files automatically; if it does not, follow the steps in the FAQ.