HELP - Drive inaccessible after running Eraser 5.7


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I'm running Windows XP pro, have two internal hard drives and one external hard drive. First internal HD has 4 partitions, with OS on Drive C, second internal HD has two partitions, just data, both compressed using Windows built-in tools (drive property, on General Tab, checked "compress drive to save disk space"). External HD also has two partitions, not compressed. I ran Eraser 5.7 erasing unused disk space, with 7 passes, checked all 3 overwrite options, including cluster tip area. Half way through erasing, I noticed both drives on the second internal HD and both drives on external HD disappeared in Windows Explorer, so I stopped Eraser, rebooted computer, those 4 drives still not showing up in Windows Explorer. Luckily all those drive are shared through local network, so I can still access them though My Network Places, and all data still there. But how do I restore the entries of those drives in the Windows Explorer. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks much.