HELP!! Eraser used up almost all my hard drive space!


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I was thinking of improving my computer's performance as well as clearing up junk. My computer has been running poorly lately, and despite running various scans and tools it, many of my games still run poorly and lag (and my computer is pretty decent).

So I tried this as an extra option, and I read a guide on how to use it. So I tried it in safe mode, and I chose New Task, selected Unused Disk Space (erase cluster tips UNCHECKED), and then ran it. After like what seemed at least an hour, it said my hard disk space was very low. And eventually it said I only had like 42MB left of free space on my hard drive. I waited an extra 20 mins, and nothing really happened. I panicked and restarted, and went back to computer on normal mode.

So now the computer has only 170MB of free space (it used to have over 100GB free space WTF).... WHAT THE HECK? HAPPENED? The scan thing is cancelled, and now my computer is worse than before, and with ALMOST NO FREE SPACE.

What happened to the 100GB free space I used to have? How do I get that back? :(

I am using a Toshiba Notebook, with AMD Athlon X2; 4GB RAM; 64-bit Windows Vista.

Please help! The cause is different but the solution is the same. Forcing the computer to restart while Eraser is running doesn't allow Eraser to clean up after itself. This is the cause of the issue; in future perhaps you could let the task complete? Eraser filling up the space on disk is normal behaviour.