Help for a beginner- I downloaded, now what ?


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I own a 2003 Dell, Windows XP Home Ed, 32-bit, Service pack 3, Version 5.1.2600. Running Internet Explorer 8. I believe I have successfully downloaded EraserSetup32.exe - now what ?

I have been getting baffling reponses as time went on. I went to download Heidi eraser for a 32-bit Windows XP (I know its a 32-bit). Went through the process with the InstallAwareWizard. Was told it would "configure eraser on this computer". Was later told "You have successfully completed InstallAwareWizard for Eraser - Restart Now. So I restarted - now I dont know what to do.
Relevant points -
1- I have downloaded Heidi Eraser more than once and this point.
2-I tried this with Dariks Boot & Nuke - it didnt work
3-This old computer has so much junk on it I wonder if something is interefering with the whole process. Should I run the RESTORE CD to bring this computer back to "DAY ONE", and pull off all the excess garbage, and THEN reload and run Heidi Eraser for a 32-bit just to make sure ?
4- I removed Nortons Anti-Virus, concerned it was somehow interfering.
Any help will be much appreciated.
It really depends what you want to do - what is your aim?