Help! For A Silly ol Bear!


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:D Hello. I admit from the start. I dont spell good! and I DONT GET IT! on computer things much I am very sorry! but am siting here looking and looking for YOUR replies ! instead of moving forward! So I THANK YOU ! for your KINDNESS and HELP! :oops: ......................................................................... I am just trying to just get back as much memory as I can ! I do have somethings I am trying to keep! mostly on my desktop. I am willing to wipe out everything and start over (if I have to..) but as for what I would put back.. it really would be the SAME THINGS ! info I use now! .... my computer is running fine.. except its now full. my ME edision says 62.45 total memory... and now has only 232.00 kb avalable physical memory...... I have CCLEANER / AVAST / CYBERLAT.RAM cleaner / FIREWALL / PRIVACY CRUSADER / and now / ERASER....... I clan my EVERYTHING all the time! so there is no cookies or temp folders to clean... I used ERASER on C/ unused disk space and Harddrive unused space too. I have DEFRAGED.. restarted.... scandisk.... diskcleanup... I even managed to do that once through clean thing ( forgot how now.. but the readings your seeing is all I have acomplished... one time it showed 200. MB but now its back to this!...... I need info please!.... I allso didnt understand the WHERE of your words of explorer : Option 2:
It could be that either Eraser was terminated abnormally or the system crashed causing the temporary files to be lodged there and the temp Folder (~ERAFSWD.TMP) may have used up your diskspace. You can remove the folder “~ERAFSWD.TMP” and all the files in it to reclaim the disk space
How to find the ~ERAFSWD.TMP Folder to erase it:
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. Click on View->Options and Show Hidden Files.
Run a Find.
3. If found Erase it.
If you wish to use the command prompt you can type “deltree X:\~ERAFSWD.TMP”, where X is the drive letter

>>> WINDOWS <<< EXPLORER????? all I am familiar with is: start / settings / control panal ......................... and I have a big e for INTERNET CONECTION..... there is no OPTIONS under VIEW on the normal internet window.. anyway IM SO SILLY! IM SORRY ! :cry: please will some nice people walk me threw this please. I NEED THE COMPUTER! Im a homebound woman and I use this 24 /7
Im still looking here........ Please could someone tell me at least.. if I wipe out everything with my restore computer disk.. will it give me back the 62MB ? I so want to use this computer. PLEASE SOMEONE??? :cry:
Physical memory is RAM (random access memory). 62.45 MB seems odd (it should be a multiple of 32) but should be adequate for Windows ME.

Defrag, scandisk and Eraser all work on drivespace not RAM so they won't help with memory issues.

Since you are posting here, your computer seems to be working. What problems (symptoms) are you encountering?
THANK YOU! for responding. my computer is draging horable now. one of the things I had been doing said its memory is full. and when I looked at system info. it had shown it at KB left. not MB anymore.. even now with the ram cleaner on and looking ok. I feel like I am on the slowest dialup that was ever made!.. I am on cable. yet at about the time I had looked up eraser. (see date) I hear computer working hard just to load ANYTHING. I just dont know how to get this back up and normal to use this... at this time the RAM cleaner is saying ( as its refreshing every 1 min. 31.361 MB free memory.. ( looks good!) but system ifo window says of 6245 mb.. I have avalable physacal memory 284.00 kb ... all I know is Im not able to really surf anywhere without horable load time / page canseling
It doesn't sound like anything that could be related to Eraser.

I see you have CCleaner. They have a more generalized forum that may be able to help.