Help!! Giving my laptop back to work, want to delete tracks


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Hi all!

Just found the program and am LOVING the concept of it, and have just started to get to grips with it. This forum is top!

My question is, I was given a laptop by work to use, but I now have a new job and would like to delete as many traces of myself as is possible (Deleted files, Internet sites, cookies etc...).

Could anyone give my some simple pointers on doing this as I am a bit worried about all my passwords and histories being saved.

I dont have so many documents which are sensitive, but mainly Internet explorer usage and cookies..etc..

I would SOOOOOOOOO grateful to anyone who could give me a few pointers...By the way, I cant erase the drive by nuking it, as I have to give the laptop back with all the original software on there.

Thanks a million guys, I'm really hoping you can help me...

If you do not need to keep your account on the laptop, I would recommend

1) logging in as admin and erasing the c:\documents and settings\<your>
2) uninstalling any extra software.
3) deleting any of your files out side of c:\documents and settings\<your>
4) wipe free space with eraser

If your account has to stay there:
1) Install and run CCleaner(.com), this will remove your temp files and browser history
2) Uninstall and extra software
3) delete any files out side of your profile
4) wipe free space with eraser

Not a complete list but should get you started