Help my HD got used up when I erased free space


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I use Eraser V 6.0.6 On Win XP professional.
I have a 75 gig HD with about 50 GB free space before I started using Eraser on the free space. I used the DoD 3 pass style. It ran about 6 hours and than I got an error message that I was out of HD space. I ran this after an extensive clean up of data and programs as I plan to give this computer to my grandson.
I tried rebooting but it still shows "0" amount of free space. I can't even open the Restore points to try to go back because there is no more memory.
Can you please suggest something short of reformatting as I don't know if I have the operating system disks any more?
I have been using Eraser for years and this has never happened. This is the 1st time I used this new version to clean free space.
I will be waiting your reply.
There is a full answer on this in the FAQ (link below).