Help (Stop "Confirm Erase" dialog using Context Me


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I am new to using eraser and would like to know if there is a way I can Stop the "Confirm Erase" window that appears each time I use the shell context menu "Erase" command?

I can't see any choices I checked that might be causing this window to appear.

I thought there might perhaps be a way of shuting it off in the registry.

Thank you for any help or suggestions.

The confirm erase is a safety option. It is your last change to back out of an accidental keyclic.

Having the option to turn it off is something I'll add to the update list.


Thank you for your help. Yes I think it would be nice to at least be able to have a check box for "confirm delete" on shell use. I thought that was was what version 5.8 had. I had originally had 5.7 installed and I just uninstalled it and installed 5.8 after reboot, but I was only disappointed again when it popped back up.

Is there any registry change I can make that might solve the problem?

Thank again.