Help w/Eraser


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I used Eraser to delete and reformat the hard drive of an old computer (HP Pavilion running Windows 98) in order to give it away. Ran into two problems I'd appreciate help with:
1) Two messages appeared: "Failed to remove c:\Progra~1\uninst~1" and "Failed to remove c:\Program~1" - do I need to be concerned about?
2) After reinstalling the original software, my personal files are still available in My Documents - how can this be? Thanks!
From Eraser Quick Start Guide
To erase your entire hard disk:
Eraser uses the 'Darik's Boot and Nuke' disk option to erase all your hard drives.
To use this option:
1. Place a floppy (or CD) in your a: drive.
2. Click on the Start button and then choose Programs->Eraser->Create Boot Nuke Disk.
3. Ensure 'Writing on Floppy' is ticked. Tick 'Formatting' if your floppy needs to be formatted.
4. Click OK. Result: Your Boot Nuke Disk has now been created.
5. Boot up your PC with the floppy still remaining in your a: drive.
Remember: If you wish to erase the Hard Disk of another PC, then bring this Floppy to the PC, insert it into the a: drive and Boot it up.