Help with ability to run the program and tasks via dos


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First and foremost - fantastic tool. I'm still pretty new to the whole scripting thing. I need to be able to run Eraser 6.0.7 and then call a task via command prompt. The intent of the script is to run a sanitization of certain files in certain folders on demand. (EX: Hands on training that requires multiple files in multiple directories to be created. These classes are daily, and need to be reset to default at the end of each date). I really don't want to go beyond running this in DOS, because I just do not have the proficiency to do anything else.

I was thinking something like 'start eraser.exe "C:/Program Files/Eraser/Eraser.exe"'. I would then need an argument to call on the "Clean_Workingfiles" task within Eraser.

Any help that could be given would be great!

First, the good news. Eraser does have a Command Line interface. If, in a DOS prompt box, you navigate to the install directory (typically C\Program Files\Eraser), then issue the command 'eraser help', you get details of the CLI. This can of course be copied and pasted to a text file for further study.

Now the bad news. The CLI is still, as far as I know, work in progress, and may not work as expected. It is also subject to further change. For these reasons, Joel has tended to advise that it is not ready for general use, and as far as I know he has not rescinded that advice. But do feel free to experiment.

Feel free to experiment with the 6.2 development (read: unstable) branch with (IMO) way better command line support. It still cannot run tasks yet, but see if it's any less obfuscated.