help with failure code 255


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my father gave my his old windows 98 computer to completely erase so it can be recycled. well, i'm running dban right now and it was working on 2 ide disks...i didn't even know there were two disks in this computer..

it's still working on the reads "pass 3 of 8, writing

then it reads "generic ide disk..failure code 255, blanking

i guess it's working on 2 disks...i don't know what the generic one is...

what is failure code 255? it was working fine when i started.

any help with this?? what will happen when it's finished. i will have one that is wiped and another that's not? can i reboot the floppy again and try it again??

any help would be great
Send the log file to me.

Run the wipe again, but this time start it with "quick" at the boot prompt. One of the disks probably has bad sectors.