Help with Virus for a "NOOB" is Eraser working?


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So here is the playing field...
I have an HP Mini-110
which I believe fell victim to the Avast Antivirus... Virus
Roxy backtrack did not work. getting rid of Avast with the uninstaller didn't fix the problem.
its a virus that fills up entire local disk C
i have downloaded the latest "eraser"
since the HP mini 110 doesn't have a cd drive
I booted from USB
when I clicked run from USB all it did was go DOS mode. with the little blinking writing bar.
it has now been running like that for 16 hours. when I clicked Boot from USB it only went to this screen. is this normal and meaning it is running? how long should it usually take? is there a better alternative? I couldn't find anything on the actual step process to let me know if it is working or not.
please let me know anything!! help!! :)
What are you trying to do? Eraser works only under Windows, and it is not intended for dealing with malware? There is no bootable version; for that, see the companion forum on DBAN.

Well it is for windows XP.. but my question was... if the eraser was actually working.. because I boot from USB because it is an HP Mini with no disk drive. and when I did that.. the screen went black with the lil ( _ ) blinking.... and I don't know if there is a load or a program start that usually happens.. I was just wondering the steps? if this is correct progress? it has been like that for 2 days now...
I'm afraid that I still do not understand what you are trying to do. When you remove the USB stick, does Windows boot more or less normally? I repeat: Eraser needs Windows to work, and you install it under Windows.

Sorry. I am trying to wipe the hard drive. because of super bad virus that filled up all the space on computer. and i am trying to sale it.
I will try to boot through windows. thanks for the help! :mrgreen:
If you want to clear the whole drive (which must be the C: drive if you have a virus issue), Eraser on its own will not do what you want.

Use the utility which must exist on the HP machine to restore it to factory condition, then install Eraser and erase the free space. Please read the FAQ topic 'Getting to know Eraser 6' on running Eraser as Administrator, which you will need to to to wipe the free space.