heres a few silly questions :oops: : i know windows stores files ever were. which files and folds can i erase safely so windows doesn't crash on me? if i put the hard drive in the "on domand", will it erase every thing on it or just surton, surton files?
Just to make it clear, Eraser never decides what to erase by itself, it will only erase what you tell it to erase. If you set it to erase all files from drive C:, it will try to do exactly that.

In other words, if you need a simple disk cleaner, Eraser is not the program you want.
not that hard

Its not that hard to use..

in win 98
its safe to erase :
C:\windows\temporary internet files

in win XP
its safe to erase :
C:\Documents and Settings\WinXp\Cookies
C:\Documents and Settings\WinXp\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files

& clear the history from internet option in the control panel.