Hey, is this privacy or Invisibility when browsing?



Hi all,
I use to use anonymiser, which allowed me to browse undetectably so sites could not even see a machine identifier.

Does this do the same? I just downloaded ti and I would love to know before I go to sites that are monitored by the dark side like fromthewilderness.com and infowars.com

Anyone REALLY know about this subject Please?

Cheers from the Sunny Gold Coast Queensland Australia. Denis :)

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Bit lacking in clear info mate!
By "Does this do the same?" I presume you mean Eraser? If so then the answer is no. Erasers forte is to secure remove selected material from your HD after the event,and not to prevent it arriving there or anywhere else, in the first place.Are you using an encrypted anonymiser so that no easy access to your online activities by any third party is possible,or do you just want sites you visit to be unaware of your interest? `Fraid I no little of "fromthewilderness" or "infowars"!