hi i've got a big problem with the new eraser


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since i've downloaded eraser it does not work at all . It says that the system has not been modified due to a problem ( but which problem ? ) . I'm on vista and comodo antivirus . I've tried several times to solve the problem with closing comodo and reinstalling it but every time i'm trying to delete a file it never works and windows stops the program .

I'm not really strong in informatic and i'm french so please tell me what to do in a language in a language i can esaily understand . bye :)
Please could you give us the whole, exact text of the error message. If it is in French, that is OK. At present, I do not recognise the error at all.

It sounds like a Windows Installer error. Have you tried restarting your computer?

As David said, please provide the error message word-for-word, no matter that it is in French.