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I have a little problem with the latest version of Eraser. The Windows Explorer context menu item description (composed by the program icon and the "Eraser" string) is "almost" always visible, I mean that is hidden if I right-click on a IE bookmark link in the correspondent section of the Start menu and for every file listed in the Search Result window after a file search operation. In both cases the arrow indicating the submenu presence and the items of the context menu are visible and usable, like the context menu items for a normal folder or a file. I don't know if this strange situation depends on my Eraser installation or my OS (Windows XP SP3) or is an Eraser bug, so any help could be appreciated... :)

Thanks, Daneel.
So, the context menu always appears for any given file, am I right? I believe that's expected behaviour -- what really is the issue at hand?

Perhaps an image is better than one thousand words... :wink: See the attachments (my OS locale is Italian, I hope this doesn't complicate the issue).

Thanks, Daneel


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OK let me have a go at debugging it. Will get back to you regarding solutions in a while.
Fixed in r1465 and later, get the nightly build newer than the mentioned revision to have the fix.