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hi joel, i noticed when i first installed 5.8.8 on xp pro, history .dat would erase. A few months passed and now
history .dat wont erase on reboot error says being used by another application. how do i fix this.
thank you
All index.dat files have historically been hard to get rid of permanently. If it used to work, and it doesn't now, something has changed on your computer.

As a side note, Eraser 5.x is no longer being actively developed as I don't have the resources to maintain it any more. You can try Eraser 6, it uses a different approach to erasing locked files.
Thank you Joel for your response, The reason I liked 5.8.8 is it seemed to give me more control over deleting .dat. It was nice to see a verification which was always givin upon reboot with 5.8.8. If my only choice is update to fix my issue, I will. Which version would you suggest?
And thank you Joel for all the work you do with eraser.
Eraser 6.0.9 is the current stable. That should allow you to delete all the index.dat files even when you are logged on. If that doesn't work, then probably you can try using Unlocker manually before running Eraser on it (though Eraser's unlocking code should be quite similar to what Unlocker is doing)