How allow Eraser to erase unused space on disk


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Session: den 10 september 2012 14:21:47
den 10 september 2012 14:21:47 Error The program does not have the required permissions to erase the unused space on disk. Run the program as an administrator and retry the operation.
End quote.

I am entered as an administrator on the computer - how shall I make the program understand this?! Rebooting does not do it...

Please help!

The above applies to my Windows 7 computer. On my old Windows XP the same program appears to function OK (so far).
If you haven't already sorted this out, see this thread in the FAQ section.

As with many other programs, Vista & Win7 UAC may require that you run the program with elevated privileges even if you are logged on as an admin. This is required to erase unused space via Eraser.

Also, be sure to close any already running instances of Eraser before starting the elevated instance. (Check for the Eraser icon in the system notification/tray area or check for the process in task manager.)

Hope that helps. :)