How can I use this for a secondary hard drive?



Wondering how I can use this program to wipe my secondary scsi drive, one that the computer does not boot to.


Wiping non - boot devices

Boot from the floppy or CD. When the menu of available disks is displayed choose the one you want to clear and tell it to start.
When the menu of available disks is displayed

I am not seeing this menu when I install and boot... All I see is a help page when hitting F4 or F5. How do you get to the menus?

Just wanted to clarify what I am getting when I boot...

I boot with the DBAN disk in the floppy, and it gives me the "boot:" command prompt, or options to hit the help keys (F4,F5). I am not seeing a way to specity the hard disk I want to wipe.

Should I just type in the drive I want at the boot: prompt, such as "boot: F:/ " ??

Just push <ENTER> at the boot prompt. When you start DBAN in "interactive mode", you can choose the devices to wipe.
Thanks for answering... not to belabor the point, but is the DBAN program by default in 'interactive' mode as you mention? The reason for my extreme caution is that if I don't get this right before I start, I risk loading the program in my C:/ drive (where I don't want it!) and it running before I have a chance to abort it.

thanks again