How can my program send files to Eraser


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I have a file management program that includes a retention period. When my system finds a file past it end-of-life date, how can I send that file path/name to Eraser? Alternatively, can I build my own Eraser Scheduler so Eraser will pick up the list?
You can, or you can use the currently convoluted command line. It's subject to change and rather complicated, so caveat emptor this time.

If your application is in .NET, you can write an Eraser plugin and import the types from Eraser.Manager. I've not tested that though.
Thanks. I am gathering this information to take to one of my programmers and need enough details for him to write the plug-in. Where do I find the specs for writing the plug-in? What/where is Eraser.Manager? Do we need to download some (all) of the source code and/or documentation to do this? Please direct me to the information we need to write, integrate and run a plug-in. Thank you
I'm sorry, but at this point in time there really is not a lot of development resources to go around so there really isn't any formal documentation. The code is quite well-commented (in my opinion), so hopefully you/he can manage there. The DefaultPlugins project in the sources would detail the APIs plugins need to implement.

Source can be obtained from SVN (go to the project SourceForge page); remember that Eraser is GPL licensed and your program would have to be similarly licensed.