How do I edit the syslinux.txt to erase only one hard drive?


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I have read that if you have multiple hard-drives you can edit the syslinux.txt file so that dban only erases 1 hard drive. I have looked at this file, but dont know how to edit ti sio that only one of my two hard drives are erased. PLease can somebody explain how to do this?
(This suggestion is unsupported. It may not work properly on your computer.)

If you add device names to the nuke parameter, then dwipe will not search for other devices. For example, this would wipe the first IDE disk in the computer:

<PRE>nuke="dwipe --autonuke --method prng --rounds 8 --verify last /dev/hda"</PRE>You will need to determine the Linux device names for your hardware. The most common names are:

<PRE>/dev/hda: IDE controller 0, Channel 0
/dev/hdb: IDE controller 0, Channel 1
/dev/hdc: IDE controller 1, Channel 0
/dev/hdb: IDE controller 1, Channel 1
/dev/sda: SCSI controller 0, ID 1
/dev/sdb: SCSI controller 0, ID 2
/dev/sdc: SCSI controller 0, ID 3</PRE>Note, however, that doing this is very dangerous. If you forget about having made the change to your DBAN floppy disk, then you could accidentally wipe the wrong disk later.