How do I get it Eraser to operate??? Frustrated.


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:cry: :| I downloaded Eraser with no problems. I replied to the email to activate Eraser and I still have an icon that when I open it it doesnt show how to use it. It has a screen showing runs etc which of course there are none becasue there isnt a feature to Run the program!!! What's up please? I'm hoping its my inability to understand how it's set up and I need to just know how to use it properly. Thanks. Plese help!!! :cry:
There is no email required to activate Eraser, and it is a free program. You should always download and install Eraser either from Sourceforge or this site. If you didn't, please uninstall the version you have, and download and install an authentic version.

There are two sources of information for new users:
  • The FAQ post on 'Getting to know Eraser 6, which provides basic information to get you started;
  • The Eraser manual, which you open by selecting Help in the Eraser program; it is in PDF format and can be searched, seprately saved for reference, and printed.