How do I post suggestions now?


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I'm not going to whine about the Recycle Bin context menu because after reading these boards I can see that others have ensured that it will be 'fixed' in an up and coming incarnation ;-) (whenever v6 is due), but I wanted to further suggest that the Eraser context menu entries themselves are are either greyed out or not visible when the Recycle Bin is empty. The default Windows behaviour is to grey out the 'Empty Recycle Bin' entry when there's nothing in it. This, I believe, should apply to the Eraser as well.

Fantastic program. Been using it for years.
Just thought I'd check back and the ticket I submitted has been closed by Joel. Unfortunately it seems that this (greying out the entries) is not possible. Never mind, I can live with it.
Actually I've reopened it - after implemented the recycle bin menu it is possible now... I think.