How do I re-set to boot from HD following wipe?


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I ran a successful wipe after setting my BIOS to boot from the floppy. Now I want to reset the BIOS to boot from the hard drive again. But I don't seem to be able to change the options the way I did when I first went in. I believe I changed the boot sequence by arrowing left/right to view the first, second, and third boot options. At least, I think that's how I did it. Now I don't seem to be able to change them at all...except by choosing F5 to return to the defaults, but that makes the HD boot the 3rd option. So the computer continues to demand a floppy upon boot-up. I'm running Win95.
Any ideas? Guess I was in above my head when I started this.
The BIOS setup program is particular to the motherboard in your computer. Somebody might help if you provide hardware model information.
continued post-wipe boot problem

THe computer was a 1997 Gateway P5-133 Multimedia PC. I have some other information from the purchase, but not sure what's relevant.

Bios version 1.00.07 DQ0T UAV
Hard disk is Quantum Fireball TM2550A

I did manage to reset the boot order. First to 1) Hardrive and 2) Floppy. It still wanted me to insert a bootable medium. Then I I disabled the floppy so theHarddrive was the only boot option. But same problem.

It's like it doesn't recognize the hard drive as a bootable medium. Would the DBAN wipe do that naturally?
Thank you