How do you get around "Access Denied" in W7?


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I've just updated my system to Windows 7 x64. I'm new to the OS's hand holding approach and at times find it frustrating.

I tried to erase a file in a program directory and was flat out denied access to do so. I call BS! :)

How can I work around this with Eraser? I want to be able to erase what I want, when I want.

Ideally I'd like to do this with version 5.8.8 but if I *have to* I'll do it with 6.0.8; although I really don't like the change in the application. Ever since 6x came out I've made a conscious choice to stay with 5.8.8.

Any tips or solutions?
Thanks guys!
You'll get the same problems with any version of Eraser. I'm guessing that you upgraded direct from XP, and are finding that the world of Windows security has changed out of all recognition.

Please read the FAQ post 'Getting to know Eraser 6', with particular reference to the section on Running Eraser as Administrator, which is what you need to do. Note that, unlike XP, Windows 7 only allows users with administrative privileges to use them if they specifically invoke them.

As for 'erasing what you want when you want', those nice people at Microsoft have made this to all intents and purposes impossible for most OS component files. In some measure, this extends to program directories, which the OS regards as protected areas (programs are supposed to store user data in the user's AppData folder), but running as Administrator will probably help.