How do you shut off eraser and only use it when you want to?


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Hello, I dl'd eraser for one reason. That when I change hard drives or computers I want to clean it properly.
I was stunned when an eraser window poped up saying it ran an erase on my floppy drive, (which has never been used).
I don't want eraser running when and where it wants, erasing who knows what.
How do I disable eraser and use it only when and where I desire?
I just had to re-format my hard drive, and have no desire to do it again because eraser removed important data!

Thank you for your response,
Open Eraser > Scheduler and delete the scheduled task. I think it's just provided as a harmless example of how to set the Scheduler but the default install has Erase unused space on Floppy Drive A:\ set to run daily. Note that it is just unused space that is wiped.