How Does "Cancelling" an Erase work?


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What happens to a file when you erase it with multiple passes, then cancel the erase? I noticed the file remains; however -- take a .AVI -- the file won't play after the erase was cancelled. I presume that *some* of the passes were underway and/or completed. The reason I ask is because I remember in pre-6.x versions of Eraser, if you canceled a multi-pass erase, the file would disappear.

Let's say I'm doing 35 passes. If I cancel at 50% complete, does that mean that the entire file was erased roughly 17 times? Or does it mean 50% of the total file was erased 35 times? Or something else?

If anyone has insight into this, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks! :)
Cancelling a 35-pass erase at 50% means the erase completed 17 of those passes and is in the middle of the 18th. The reason v6 leaves the file behind is sometimes users may want to stop a less secure erase and use a more secure one. Deleting the file will prevent the user from using a more secure erase on the file being erased.

Hope that helps.