How Does Scheduler Work?


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I have tasks scheduled, but they do not run. The Scheduler looks pretty simple to configure, but when I check the logs, the tasks never run. Do I have to be logged on to allow the Scheduler to run? Did I miss something in the configuration? Thanks for your assistance. :?:
Er, it runs only when the scheduler is tasked to run at system start up? Edit > General > Scheduler tab > Start scheduler at system startup. You need to be an admin to do this, and let Windows defender pass it as benign.

I am running Eraser on a Windows 2003 server, not XP and I do not use Windows Defender. I wish for the Scheduler to run in the background, (i.e., when I am logged off).
That doesn't happen unfortunately. Perhaps wait for version 6 which will run as a service in the later versions (the first few releases are just a porting of v5 functionality into v6/C#)