How does status bar work?


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I just installed eraser (v6.2.0.2970 on win7 pro) and have an initial wipe 'unused disk space' running (I think) on multiple HD drives (INT and EXT) as 1 task.

It has been running for 2 days now and I am wondering if it is even working.

The status bar does not show some green line proportional to % complete. The green blob just keeps scrolling along left to right as is common for other aps to indicate "still loading". Is that the normal expected behavior?

My system monitor indicates that I had disk writes flatlined at about 40 MB/s until about 6 hours ago then dropped to near 0. My process monitor indicates eraser is no longer writing to disk at all. From that, I am assuming it is done, having overwritten 2.7 TB of space but I am not getting any indication it has finished. Nothing to tell me the task is "Done". The status bar just keeps scrolling along and the "Next Run" column says "Running..."

If it hasn't written anything much in the last 5 hours, is it done? or could it be doing some final housekeeping chores before finishing?

Does it produce some sort of report when finished?
Will it indicate errors of failure to erase certain drives/files?
>>on multiple HD drives (INT and EXT) as 1 task.
This sounds like you overloaded the machine or it hit a bad block on a disk and locked up.