How many drives can Eraser do at once?


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Hello, new to this board.

Anyway. I've been given a new job at my workplace. I need to ensure that the drives that we receive before redistribution won't die after they leave. We're talking about dozens if not hundreds of hard drives a month. The method I am using to test these drives involves using DBAN or some other program to write data as fast as possible to as many drives as possible. I am considering Eraser, but I need to know how many drives can be erased at once, and how fast it can be done. I'll typically be dealing with drives larger that 500GB, hopefully 20 at a time, so I know in Windows that will take awhile.

Right now the issue I am running into with DBAN (other than lack of SATA ports) is the fact that it seems to crash when I have more than 8 drives plugged in.

Looking forward to reading your responses. Will post this in a few other places as well.
Hi LeeroyTTester...

It depends entirely on your system capabilities....but i would suggest you to erase your drives one by one.
that is the preferable choice.

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Well, you can run as many simultaneously as Windows supports, assuming you can initiate multiple instances of Eraser at once. Both v5 and v6 only execute one erasure at a time per instance. v5 may allow you to start multiple instances (I can't really remember) but v6 definitely does not. v6 will eventually have simultaneous drive erasures though, pending implementation in later versions once the basic features are stabilised and a final v6 released.