How should I Erase Nook ebook files?


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I have a Nook (ebook reader from barns and noble). I'm not sure if it uses a SMALL SSD or just a flash stick like Thumb Drives. Ether way I want to use Eraser to do an erase on it but im not sure what type of erase I should use. I don't think I need to be running the 35 Gutmann erase on it and if I keep running that it will kill my device quite fast.

What type of erase should I be running to get a DOD level erase?
As I don't know this device, I shall assume that it can be accessed as a drive in Windows, and that all your user data is on that drive.

If it's flash memory or an SSD, erasing individual files will not work; it is defeated by the wear levelling mechanism on the drive. Erasing free space should work, however; obviously, you need to delete all your files and empty the Recycle Bin before running the erase.

The default single pass method should make all your data non-recoverable, and you can test the erase with a file recovery program such as Recuva. You could also use either the 3 pass or 7 pass DoD methods built into Eraser, but they will lengthen the erase time proportionately.