How to Activate New iPhone X without SIM Card?


As iPhone X and iPhone 8 are latest released iPhone, many people are getting their new iPhone. So from this article, we’ll take iPhone X for example, and should you how to activate new iPhone X without SIM card. Now you can follow below steps and activate your new iPhone.

Activate New iPhone with Wifi or Cellular Connection

If it’s your first time to activate an iPhone, don’t worry, the process can be easy and clear, just follow it and have a try.

Open your new iPhone and begin the set up process, then it will ask you to choose the language you use and your location.

Then you can connect your iPhone with Wifi or cellular network, and when you choose Wifi, it will ask you to input the password.

Now wait for a few minutes for the activating of your iPhone, and you version iPhone will contact the activation servers when you connec to network.

Activate New iPhone with iTunes

When you have no SIM card, or you don’t want to activate your new iPhone with SIM card, you can do it with iTunes. See below steps.

Launching iTunes on your PC, and make sure it’s with latest version.

Then open your new iPhone, choose the language and region you need. And click “Connect to iTunes” under available wireless network.

Now connect your iPhone with PC by using its USB cable, and iTunes will activate AT & T iPhone automatically.

When you’re asked to set up AT & T iPhone as new or restore from a backup, you can choose the one you need, and it won’t affect the activation process.

Now click “Get Started” and “Sync”, then your iPhone will sync to PC and the AT & T cellular activation will be applied.

Then disconnect your iPhone with PC, and continue with the set up on the iPhone screen, now your AT&T iPhone is activated with no SIM card. Now you can continue with it and finish other process, like creating passcode, signing with Apple ID ect.

Now do you get how to activate your new iPhone?

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