How to CLEAN Netscape Mail (Ver4.79 e.g.)


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Slow & complicated but secure:
- Open Netscape Messenger
- create a new directory e.g. "AAA" that stays on the top of the row
- press "Ctrl" and mark all files in the folder you want to clean
- transfer them all to "AAA"
- close Netscape and go to My ProgramsNetscapeUsersNameMail
- erase the folder to clean and its folder.snm file.
- open again Messenger: if your folder was a default one, it will
be back, but "virgin". If it was a custom folder, just re-create it
- press "Ctrl" and mark again all files of folder "AAA"
- transfer them all back to the original folder.
- you may repeat that with all folders you want to clean.
- Finally: go back to My ProgramsNetscapeUsersNameMail
- erase folder "AAA" and its file AAA..snm. Done.
You have now erased all "deleted" file remains (which could have been
recuperated) and at the same time substantially reduced the space
required by Netscape. Could be many MBs.
REMARK: Do not forget to clean "Trash" too, where there are the "ones"
you thought long gone (but are still on your HDD....)