How to Convert Coreldraw to Photoshop - Best Methods

If you use the default installation of CorelDRAW, you may run into problems when attempting to export text from the CorelDRAW programmes into PSD files for use in Adobe Photoshop, such as missing text. Corel has released a free update to their software that fixes the problems that occurred when exporting PSD files containing text from CorelDRAW. To apply the service pack, go to's Patches and Updates page. You can even straight away use the Sysinfo CDR File Converter to convert CorelDraw to photoshop.

Here are the measures you should take in CorelDRAW to export to a PSD file containing text:
  • Launch CorelDRAW and load the file you wish to convert to PSD.
  • Select "File" from the menu bar and then "Export." A dialogue box labelled Export appears.
  • Select the PSD file type from the "File Type" drop-down menu.
  • To give the PSD file a name, (4) click the "File Name" input box and start typing.
  • The fifth step is to select the "Export" option.
  • All of the graphic layers are saved as individual PSD files upon export.
With the help of these steps, you can easily convert Coreldraw to Photoshop. You can also go for the CDR File Converter, which convert CDR to PDF, JPEG, PNG, PSD, GIF, WEBP, BMP, HTML, SVG, and TIFF.
To Convert from CDR to PDF, you can also check this blog. It consists of the most reliable and trustworthy solution for converting CDR files to PDF format. It includes the manual as well as an automated approach for this conversion. Many users that don't have technical knowledge, can directly try the automated approach. It will definitely work.
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