How to Convert Tidal Music to MP3


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Tidal is one of the largest music streaming services with high fidelity sound and high-def video quality, the Tidal free users can listen to AAC 160kbps audio quality for free. While Tidal HiFi membership costs $9.99 every month to offer lossless MP3 formats with HiFi quality. Although you have a subscribe Tidal membership, you still can’t download Tidal music to computer, and you cannot download Tidal music for offline playback on your MP3 players, iPod nano, and other devices.

No matter which plans you subscribed to, you can’t download and convert Tidal music to MP3. Tidal music comes with DRM protection, even you have download music for offline playback on iOS/Android with it’s app, you cannot take them out of the Tidal app, it sounds unbelievable. But you can try to see whether it’s like what I mentioned.

Fortunately, although you can’t directly download Tidal music to MP3 files via the official app, with UkeySoft Tidal Music Converter, you can easily to download songs from Tidal HiFi and convert Tidal music to MP3 with your Tidal Free or Premium account.

UkeySoft Tidal Music Converter is the world’s first music converter and downloader for Tidal. In marketing, there are so many tools working on other similar streaming music services, such as music converter for Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. If you looking for the music download and converter for Tidal, UkeySoft Tidal Tidal downloader is the best for users download music and playlists from Tidal. Yes, that's the software we're talking about, it’s a popular and powerful software worth trying

With this Tidal converter, either Tidal premium users or Tidal Free users are able to download music, albums, playlists from Tidal to computer, As the name suggests, it does convert Tidal to lossless MP3, WAV, and other lossy M4A audio formats, so that you can offline enjoy Tidal music on computer, or listening Tidal music on MP3 player, iPod nano, PSP, Xbox, etc.

With such a music converter for Tidal, every Tidal user can listen to songs on all devices and players, such as MP3 players, smart speakers, and streaming boxes. No need to download and install the Tidal app, there is a built-in web player in the converter, just login your Tidal account and add songs you would like to download, then download them to the computer. After downloading completed, you can play converted MP3 audio files on computer.

How to Convert Tidal Music to MP3

Step 1. Login your Account and Set MP3 as Output Format
First of all, launch the program and login your Tidal account, no matter for Free or HiFi account. To convert Tidal music to MP3, please open the setting window, and then select‘MP3’ as the output format under the ‘Format’ section.


Step 2. Add Tidal Music for Downloading
Then, find your favorite Tidal songs/playlists that you’d like to download as MP3 tracks. After that, please tap the item, and then click ‘+’ button to add music to the list, and select Tidal music that you want to download


Step 3. Convert Tidal Music to MP3
Please click the ‘Convert’ button to start the Tidal music to MP3 conversion. It will start to convert all Tidal music you added to the MP3 files. The program works at 5X speed to download MP3 files


Step 4. Get MP3 Music Files
After conversion, you can find all Tidal MP3 files saved on the local computer by clicking the blue folder icon.


Well done. You successfully convert Tidal music to MP3 format. Now, you can offline playing the downloaded Tidal music without it’s app, or transfer the downloaded Tidal music to other MP3 devices for listening offline.
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Thanks for sharing!
I used AudFree Tidal Music Converter to convert my tidal playlists to mp3, flac, etc.
It works like a treat! very intuitive interface! Fast speed and easy to use even for computer rookie.
Just drag the song, click button, wait for a while, done!
It is glad that there is a way to export Tidal songs to other formats. I want to play my playlist from Tidal on my MP3 player so here it is. But at last, I download the DRmare Tidal Downloader to get Tidal music converted to .mp3 files because I found it on the recommended converted lists. It can preserve the Tidal quality.