How to deal with un-eraseable .zip files.


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I have a number of .zip files that seem un-eraseable, as my recuva software recovers them totally intact.
I think the reason they seem un-eraseable, is because there are a number of sub-folders within subfolders, in these .zip files.

The .zip files contain subfolders within subfolders, and in the folders there are .docx files, docs, and rtf docs.
I thought about removing the subfolders and maybe deleting the text of these documents within, but then, of course, when I unzip it, it makes a copy, so the original .zip file is still stubbonly, there.

If I just moved these files to a memory stick, would that get rid of the unwanted files from my computer? I'm at a loss.

All files are erasable.

Since you are experiencing difficulties using Eraser, I suggest you try using an alternate program. Here is a list of 36 free File Shredder Programs.

After using a shredder you may be able to recover the file, but it will be filled with unusable letters, numbers and symbols.

I have success with File Shredder.