How to disable progress 'balloons'


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I apologize if this has been answered before, but I can't seem to find the answer.

I would like to disable the progress 'balloons' that pop up near the eraser system tray icon. Is there a way to do this?

Assuming that you are using Windows 7 (Vista is slightly different, I think), click on the small arrow at the left of the tray, then select 'Customize'. You can then set options for the Eraser icon.

Note that the tray notifications are now the standard form of progress reporting in Eraser; if you disable them, you will need to open the Eraser Schedule window to see the progress on a running task.

David, thanks for the reply.

I did as you suggested and found that I already had eraser set to 'hide when inactive'. The choices appear to be:

'hide when inactive'

Is 'hide' supposed to refer to the eraser (status/config) screen, the pop-up progress balloons, or both?
Which OS are you using? The options you listed are not those that Windows 7 offers.

Bother. I don't currently have access to a Vista machine (it would be my daughter's laptop, but she's away this week), and I'm not getting much help from web searches, either. But I think that the option you want is 'hide'.

Essentially, the balloons are linked logically with the icon, so, when it disappears, so do they. For reasons I don't understand, you can't just have the icon (which would be useful with Eraser, because it flashes when Eraser is working).

If it were me, I'd live with the balloons, which are a good deal less intrusive than the modal dialog in Eraser 5.