How to Erase CD/RW


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The FAQ section shows that in order to erase a cd/rw
that you need to boot into dos mode.
Windows xp does not boot into dos mode. Using a dos prompt, however
and following the instructions in the FAQ as quoted:
How do I use Eraser in DOS?
Boot up your PC in DOS and then run EraserD.exe (found in the Eraser Directory).

The command is not recognized in windows xp.
My question is, how can I use eraser to wipe a CD/RW?

I notice that with other media, when I right click on the drive I get the
option to erase unused space, but when I right click on the cd rom
drive I see no option for eraser at all.

Anyone ever use eraser to wipe a CD/RW with success?
I use Eraser 5.7 on Win XP and erase files on CD-RW's and DVD+RW's without any problems, but I use Sonic DLA (Drive Letter Access) which came with the burner.

It let's me access the drive like any other so I never suspected there was any issue. I have Erase on the right-click menu when I have re-writable media inserted.