how to erase filenames in windows media player 9


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Hello, I"m using windows media player 9 in windows 2000. When I go to File--Open---file name dropdown box still has a list of files Ive played. How do I make it so the dropdown box is blank and doesnt show the files Ive played?

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get mrublaster -> search google for it.


grab SpyBot S&D, spywareblaster, spywareguard, IDblaster, and AdAware
while youre at it- most are available from the same place, while only
SpyBotS&D and MRUBlaster are good for the particular question, all are
good to have on hand [:D]
You can also have Media Player not keep a MRU list:
Tools\Options, Privacy Tab, uncheck "Save file and URL history in the player"