How to erase multiple files?


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Trying to use the eraserl.exe as an util for my Total Commander
Giving the command: C:\temp\Totalcmd\util\Eraser\eraserl.exe -queue -file %s
where "%S insert the names of all selected files into the command line. Names containing spaces will be surrounded by double quotes. Please note the maximum command line length of 32767 characters."

When I select more than one -1- file and execute the command as shown above, I get an errormessage: "Unrecognized parameter '[filename of second selected file]'"

What I'd like to achieve is to select one or more files OR folders, and eraserl.exe neetly erases whatever in the list.

Is this at all doable?
EraserL only takes one file at a time, unfortunately. I believe (memory failing me, sorry) v6 allows multiple files to be grouped together in a task and executed at once. But the v6 command line syntax is (admittedly) confusing.