How to erase unused space WITHOUT admin rights?


I am on a computer as a "normal" user WITHOUT admin rights.
So e.g. I cannot create context menu entries for "Erase unused space".
I can however start Eraser by doubleclicking on it.

Unfortunately I found no menu or button in the main window which offers
"Erase unused space for partition=......"

Did I miss something?

Is there really no way of erasing unused space other than with the context menu entry click?

Maybe another tool can do it?

The short answer: you can't erase unused space without admin rights.

The long answer: you can't erase unused space until v6.1 is out where you will still need an admin to install Eraser as a Service then you tell Eraser to erase the files.

The reason is because Eraser writes files to space that doesn't rightly belong to anyone (and therefore requires ad admin to write to the disk) as part of its erasure process.