How to export the mails from Office365 to Thunderbird?

Office365 is web cloud based applications which control the server data/mails. They was work only in the case of internet and service connectivity that’s why user can’t access the Locally. For the exportation of mails from Office365 to thunderbird you need a third party tool like- eSoftTools Office 365 Backup Software. It makes a quick scan of your mail folder with giving the option of calendar, time, name filtration and recall or exports your multiple mails at a time. They also provide Free Demo which you can free export 20 email items and 30 Days Money Back Guarantee of the product.

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Exporting Office 365 to Thunderbird is a very smooth process with DRS Office 365 Email Backup Tool. With its easy-to-use interface and advanced features, users easily migrate Office 365 email into Thunderbird. Additionally, it maintains data integrity and folder hierarchy during the migration process. It also offers a demo version where users can migrate 50 emails for free.
IMAP Backup Tool allows seamless email transfer from Office 365 to Thunderbird. Using the IMAP protocol, the service makes it easy for users to send their email across platforms. Users can easily transfer their email by using their Thunderbird and Office365 accounts with IMAP configuration settings. IMAP Backup Tool guarantees flawless transfer of all email data including attachments and folders by preserving folder order and structure This service has a user-friendly design and effective functionality for anyone who wants to move their emails from Office 365 to Thunderbird quickly and easily because it’s a reliable method.