How to Fix WhatsApp Voice Messages Problem


WhatsApp as one of the most popular chat apps, many people are using it to send and receive messages every day. And many people will also have some problems with WhatsApp voice messages, now we’ll learn how to fix WhatsApp voice messages problems, and when you have some issue with it, please have a check.

Couldn’t Listen to WhatsApp Voice Messages via Bluetooth Earpiece

It’s convenient for us to listen to WhatsApp voice messages via Bluetooth earpiece when we’re in public, or we don’t want other peoples listen it. But what to do when you couldn’t listen to your WhatsApp voice messages via Bluetooth earpiece? Follow below steps and fix it.

Open your iPhone, go to Setting--Bluetooth and unpair it.

Then wait for a few seconds, go to Setting--Bluetooth again, when Bluetooth earpiece appears on your iPhone screen, tap on it to pair.

Then check if you could listen to WhatsApp voice messages via Bluetooth earpiece now.

WhatsApp Voice Message Volume is Low

When your WhatsApp voice messages is very low and you couldn’t listen to them clearly, you can follow below steps and fix them.

Press volume up button of your iPhone to raise your WhatsApp voice messages volume and have a try.

Restart your iPhone

Press your power button and hold on until option “Slide to power off” shows up on your screen. Slide it to close your iPhone.

Then press power button and home button together and hold on until Apple logo show up on the screen. And your iPhone will be open, then check the sound of WhatsApp voice messages.

WhatsApp Keeps Crashing

When you’re using your WhatsApp, and it keeps crashing, and the best way you can try is uninstall it and them reinstall it on your iPhone.

You can open your iPhone, go to home screen, then press WhatsApp app icon and hold on until it’s shaking with “x” image icon on it.

Now tap on “x” image icon to delete it, and then you can go to App store to download it again.

WhatsApp Voice Messages Stops Recording after 9 Seconds

WhatsApp voice mssages stops recording after 9 seconds can be the most common problems, almost everyone may have this kind of issue. Now see below method and solve it.

As the issue may be caused when something interferes with the multi-touch functionality on your screen, and this interference can be caused by our screen protector, so we can remove it to have a try.

Or we can place our finger on the microphone icon but try to move it around a bit at the same time then the touch connectivity still works.

Extract WhatsApp Voice Messages from iPhone

When there are some important WhatsApp voice messages and you want to extract them from your iPhone selectively, you can come to iRefone for help.

iRefone is a professional iOS data recovery software, it can help us extract and backup as well as recover more than 16 kinds of files even we have no backups, including contacts, notes, messages, photos, reminders, call history, WeChat messages ect. And it can be compatible with latest iOS version, also it can supports iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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