How to Free Up Storage on Your iPhone (Any Generation)


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If you are a long-time iPhone user, you will find that all smartphones in the world, no matter it's an Android phone or an iPhone, they will gradually eat the limited storage as you are using it. Sometimes the iPhone slowness could be caused by App cache, so we need to clean it out regularly.

But do you know how to clean an almost-full iPhone, no matter the generation?

In this case, you can follow this guide to free up storage of your iPhone. Also if you want to clean the browsing history to protect your privacy, you can also read to delete history and app cache on iPhone or iPad.
If you want to get more storage on your iPhone, you can remove some useless data from your iPhone. To do that, the best program is iPhone Data Eraser. It can scan your iPhone and find all the useless data for you. You can select and delete them permanently. learn how to get more storage on iPhone.
The easy way to free up storage on your iPhone is using iOS Data Cleaner tool. With its help, we can delete unwanted files, junk files, cache files, etc from iPhone to free up storage. It's easy and safe.