How to Password Protect Folders and Files in Windows 10


Do you want to password protect a folder in Windows 10? Looking for a way to hide files and folders on Windows 10? When you have any file or folder you want to keep away from prying eyes, this post main teach you an easy way to password protect files and folders in Windows 10.

Method 1: hide files and folders using File Explorer

The easiest way to keep content hidden is using File Explorer.

Open File Explorer.
Navigate to the file or folder you want to hide.
Right-click the item and click on Properties.
On the General tab, under Attributes, check the Hidden option.
Click Apply.
If you're hiding a folder with files and subfolders, make sure to select the Apply changes to this folder, subfolders, and files option.
Click OK.
Click OK again to complete the task.
Once you've completed the steps, the hidden items will not be visible anymore, because by default Windows 10 doesn't show hidden files.

If you want to access your hidden items you'll have to type the complete path to the hidden folder or file you want to open and press Enter. For example: C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Files\Secret Files\Great Secret.txt.

Or you can open File Explorer, click on the View tab and make sure to check the Hidden items option. Then you can browse your hidden items as you would normally do with other content.

At any time, you can make the files and folders visible again by using the same steps mentioned above, but this time on step 4 make sure to clear the Hidden option.

Note: If you hide folders using File Explorer, this way security level is very Low, anyone with the tiniest bit of know-how can easily find them. In order to hide or lock files, folders in Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, you must to use a professional File Lock tool.

UkeySoft File Lock uses military grade 256-bit AES encryption algorithm, which help users lock, hide any files, folder on local hard drive , CD/DVD drive, USB flash drive or LAN Network.

UkeySoft File Lock is great security app that lets you password-protect files, folders and drives; encrypt your important files on-the-fly, backup files in real-time, protect portable drives, shred files & drives and clean history. This File Encryption tool also can help you password protect files on USB flash drive, external USB drive, thumb drive, memory card, pen drive, and network drive, as well as hiding files on the devices.

Method 2: Lock Folders and Files in Windows 10

Step 1. Run UkeySoft File Lock on Windows 10 Computer
Step 2. Click “Local Disk” and add files or folders to the program for hiding or locking by click “Hide Files”, “Hide Folders”, “Lock Files” or “Lock Folders”
Tips: You can also hide or lock local hard drive(including CD/DVD drive) by click “Hide Drive” and “Lock Drive” button.

Only two simple steps, you can easily hide or password-protect any files, folders and drives in Windows 10.