How to perform Google Drive Migration to OneDrive task?


Both Google and Microsoft 365 allow users to store their data or documents in cloud storage. G Suite offers Google Drive, and similarly, Microsoft 365 provides users with OneDrive to save their data. However, their storage space is limited and can be extended to a certain limit by purchasing additional storage. But, due to many reasons, many of them look for Google Drive Migration to OneDrive, and one of the reasons behind the data transfer is the requirement for additional storage.

If you have come here for the same purpose, we will present a better approach to you, which help to make your task easier. One of the most tried and tested utilities by experts is the Shoviv Google Drive migration tool, which comes with a smooth and convenient user interface. User can transfer their data from multiple drives at a single time by creating several migration jobs. It also ensures the migration of the complete data from the user's Google Drive.

This tool also provides the option to users to schedule the migration periodically. Also, it comes with multiple filter options like folder-wise, file size, file extension, etc. Users can look towards its demo version to explore the software and test its efficiency.